Jewish history, American Jewish history, Southern Jewish history, American history, political history, history & bibliography


M.A. in Judaic Studies w/thesis Program, Concordia University, Department of Religion

Areas: Medieval Judaism, Modern Judaism

Approved thesis topic: Unconditional Loyalty to the Cause: Southern Whiteness, Jewish Women, and Anti-Semitism, 1860-1913

Completed 18 credits of coursework.

MLIS, Masters in Library and Information Studies, McGill University,

Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Faculty of Education

Archives and Records Management, Information Retrieval, Judaica Librarianship, Humanities and Social Science Information, Business Information, Web Design, Knowledge Management

BA, McGill University

Major in History: American History, Jewish History

Major in Art History: European Art and Architectural History

DCS, Diploma of Collegial Studies, Vanier College, Montreal

Communications: Art, Media, Theater, Major in Jewish Studies

Focused on the Fine Arts, Graduated with honors



Romek Hornstein Memorial Award, ConcordiaUniversity

Canadian Jewish Studies Institute Fellowship, ConcordiaUniversity

Canadian Jewish Studies Institute Fellowship, Concordia University

Kleinman Family Foundation Scholarship in Jewish Studies, Vanier College


Freelance Writer and Editor, 2004-Present

Reference, educational, history and political writing and editing.

Contributor,, June 2013-Present: Contributed 750 articles as of July 2015

Montreal Politics Examiner: Politics and Government, Local politics, Canadian, American and Israeli politics.

News Examiner: General, Breaking News, North America, International, Entertainment, Sports & Human Interest stories.

Canada Universities Examiner: Education and Higher Education, University and academic news.

Canada Judaism Examiner: Religion & Spirituality and Western Religions, Northern American Jewish news.

Editor, Academic Buzz Network, 2008-Present

Academic Buzz Network: History Musings, Political Buzz, History Buzz & Art Buzz

Academic Buzz Network edited by Bonnie K. Goodman is the banner network of blogs focusing on academic news. Each blog is devoted to a specific subject. At this time there are buzz blogs for history, politics, art history, and book news.


Editor, History Musings… 2008-Present http:///

History Musings is a news blog focusing on American politics, the Obama Presidency & the 113th Congress from a non-partisan perspective, with historical analysis and also covers history related news.

News blog focusing on the relation of history and politics in the news, how currents events are analyzed by historians. History Musings focuses primarily on American history and politics, but cover news on European, British, Canadian & Jewish history as well.  Features some of the popular news columns I originally created on HNN including the signature Political Highlights, History Buzz, On This Day in History, and new profile series Top Newsmakers. Also features history book reviews, book news, op-eds, and major news stories about history and the historical profession.

Editor, Political Buzz, 2012-Present

Political Buzz is a news blog covering all the political headline news on the Obama Presidency & 113th Congress and upcoming 2014 Midterm Elections.

Editor, History Buzz, 2005-Present

History Buzz features history, historians & professors making headline news. Also features history book reviews, book news, op-eds, and major news stories about history and the historical profession.

Editor, Art & Architectural History Buzz, 2011-Present

Art & Architectural History Buzz is a brand new blog entirely devoted to academic & museum news relating to the discipline of history art and architecture.

Editor, Book News Buzz, 2011-Present

Book News Buzz is a new blog devoted to book news & reviews and library news, and professional news relating to librarianship.

Editor, Canadian Political Buzz, 2013-Present

Canadian Political Buzz is a new blog covering Canadian news, politics and history news; includes headline news & speeches.

Editor, British Political Buzz, 2013-Present

British Political Buzz is a new blog covering British news, politics and history news; headline news & speeches. Topics covered include PM David Cameron, Parliament, Political Parties & Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign & the Royal Family.

Editor, Jewish Studies & Israel Buzz Network, 2007-Present

Jewish Studies & Israel Buzz Network edited by Bonnie K. Goodman is the banner network of blogs focusing on Jewish Studies & Israel news; JBuzz focusing on Jewish Studies & university news; Together with Israel focusing on Israeli news & politics; and Israel Advocacy 101 a project to educate the public in Israel advocacy with news on Israel advocacy issues on university campuses.

Editor, JBuzz, 2009-Present

JBuzz is a news blog focusing on Jewish studies educational news and includes all areas of Jewish studies; academia, professors, scholars and Jewish education making news. Features include book news & reviews, op-eds, profiles, news stories, but also reference sources on practicing Judaism and the holidays, and cultural news stories relating to the religion.

Editor, Together with Israel, 2007-Present

News blog that covers Israeli news & politics, with an aim is to increase activism and support for Israel, and educate the public more on Jewish history, and Israel’s culture and current issues. Together with Israel began as a blog to support Israel in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War, but has evolved into a blog on Israeli news and political news, with reference information on the Israel and its political system. It is a bilingual blog, including news in English predominately, but also in Hebrew.  Covers Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israel’s 32nd Government, Israel’s Elections and the formation of the 33rd Government, and also Israel’s Foreign Relations, with an emphasis on its special relationship with the United States. The blog also features reference sources to Israel country and political facts.

Editor, Israel Advocacy 101, 2011-Present

Israel & Zionist Advocacy 101 is a project to educate the public in Israel Advocacy with links to resources, guides and websites teaching Israel Advocacy 101, focusing primarily on issues in defending Israel on university campuses & to a lesser extent in the workplace against delegitimization movements, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction BDS Movement. Additionally this site also includes news stories relating to Israel advocacy initiatives on diaspora campuses, and issues relating to Israel Studies and Israel on university campuses.

Editor/Features Editor, History News Network (HNN), Nov. 2008-2010

Assistant Editor/Features Editor, History News Network (HNN), Sept. 2008-Nov. 2008

Assistant Editor, History News Network (HNN), May 2005-2008

Editor, “Political Highlights” formally “Campaign 2008: Highlights” news feature

Writer, “On This Day in History” feature

Editor, “History Buzz” feature; a weekly article about historian’s making headline news.

Editor, “Top Young Historians” which includes weekly profiles of rising young historians, includes more than 100 profiles in the series.

Editor, “Top History Doyens“; profiles some of the most preeminent historians.

Editor, “Top Newsmakers”; Profile the top news making historians, these are the historians making the most headlines, and grabbing the most buzz each week.

Contributed over 25 other articles, interviews and features; including coverage of the 2010 Midterm elections, and 2008 and 2004 Presidential campaigns.


Contributor News section, Vietnam Magazine, Weider History Group, June 2007-April 2008

Monitored news sources, and wrote digest news items for the three-page news department in Vietnam magazine.

News Editor, Military History Magazine, Weider History Group, December 2006-June 2007

Monitored news sources, and wrote digest news items for the four-page news department in Military History magazine.

Intern, History News Network (HNN) September 2004-May 2005

Contributed written articles, researched history related news on the internet and in news databases such as Lexis-Nexis, public relations work; including contacting historians and professors to write articles for HNN. Redesigned Hot Topics section of the HNN site in XHTML, and designed graphics for the site including the interactive Breaking News Map: Formatting and coding articles and columns in XHTML.

Special Project Archivist, McGill University Archives

Processed and created a finding aid using RAD for the Abraham de Sola Fond, which is a collection of research notes and original documents relating to the Hart, Joseph and de Sola families, some of the first Jewish families in Canada. Planned, designed and constructed an exhibition of the collection that took place on May 20, 2004 at Redpath Museum, McGill University.

Archival Cataloguer, Jewish Public Library nternship
Completed cataloging the archival Jewish-Canadiana collection.

Student Librarian, McGill University, Humanities and Social Sciences Library

Various positions in academic reference work and cataloging.


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